Hey, I'm Efe!

Tech enthusiast, and all-around entrepreneur.

Imagine this: me at 14, completely obsessed with coding. I was reverse engineering games to create custom cheats, tinkering with microcontrollers in ASM, writing random programs in BASIC, and even hunting down website vulnerabilities for fun. Basically, I was on a relentless quest for tech thrills!

Fast forward to 16, and bam! My online TV app went viral, racking up 1M+ downloads in the early days of ADSL. I'll never forget that feeling of watching the download counter explode and the ad money start rolling in – that's when I knew without a doubt that tech was my calling.

University in Istanbul was a whirlwind and I was pulling double duty. Working and studying at the same time. But I still found time to cook up Kolay, an HR SaaS. After 7+ crazy years, $6M+ in funding, countless all-nighters, and more code than I care to count, I finally exited in early 2023 with $1M+ in ARR, a team of 60, and a legion of 2000 customers.

Now, I'm kicking it in London and working on a new contraption called Playmaker.

Playmaker isn't just another integration platform – it's a next-level workflow automation engine that harnesses the power of advanced AI models. We're talking multiple layers of AI working behind the scenes to augment and automate workflows. Instead of just rigid rules and scripts, Playmaker understands natural language and context to execute tasks in dynamic, intelligent ways. It's like having an AI copilot constantly working alongside you, anticipating your needs, and lightening your workload. Pretty cool, right?



Drop me a line at `101010[funny-sign]erdur.org`

‐ Efecan Erdur